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- Explore all the social impact topics in detail

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- Choose the location important to you

- Pick the skill track which matches your skill profile

Follow career feed in your own way

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Understand the impact of opportunities in detail

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- Explore the organization offering the opportunity via social impact dashboard

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How it Works ?

Step 1 - Sign up for Free

It is completely free for Talents. We charge Organizations to connect their opportunities to matching (opted in) talents in an ethical way. We have plans to introduce Premium features for talents as well.

Step 2 - Choose your preferences

We do not track you secretly to understand your preferences unlike some social media sites. We ask your preferences upfront to recommend matching opportunities (we do not share your preferences to anyone).

Step 3 - Track your opportunities

Unlike other newsletters / job sites, we help you to avoid all the noise irrelevant for you. You can follow 1 or more impact topics for a specific location and skill track to get matching opportunities.

Step 4 - Explore Organizations

We provide details about the organization (non profits / for profits) for each opportunity with key metrics & updates about all the initiatives taken by the organization for the social impact.

Step 5 - Get Impactful Career

Hit the apply button on your favorite opportunities. With our weekly personalized newsletter, you are always connected to right opportunities and resources required to start an impactful career.

Step 6 - Grow your impact

We are continuously updating our list of social impact topics based on the feedback from our partners and customers. You can check the latest list of social impact topics to expand your impact.

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