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In an ideal world, all opportunities and resources would be accesible to everyone. We are still not there and we have challenges in accessing the right opportunities and resources matching our specific needs & preferences. We want to solve that. Explore how we do it.

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We curate career opportunities and insights matching to specific topics, locations, skill levels and diversity & inclusion tracks. Explore the list below.



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Here are some of the frequently asked questions.

1) How are you different from other newsletters/sites ?

Unlike other newsletters/social media sites, we help you to avoid all the noise which are irrelevant to you. You can follow 1 or more topics for a specific location, skill level & track matching you.

2) Why it is Free ?

Currently, we charge Brands to connect their opportunities & updates to matching (opted in) subscribers in an ethical way. We also have plans to introduce Premium features for subscibers.

3) How do you personalize information ?

Unlike other social media sites, we do not track you secretly to understand your personal preferences. We ask you upfront about your preferences and provide information matching them.

4) Do you share my personal preferences to others ?

No. We curate opportunities & insights for specific preferences (topics, locations, tracks & levels) and update them to users who have opted for it. Nothing more. Nothing less.

5) What is an Edition ?

An edition is a combination of a topic, location, skill level & track. (eg. Product_Management_Silicon_Valley_Entry_Level_Women). As an user, you can subscribe to 1 or more editions.

6) What is a Rich content feed ?

Apart from the title and link, we would provide a clear summary and all meta information (eg. diversity & inclusion) related to the content. This would help you to consume the content effectively.

7) Where is the list of topics, locations, levels & tracks ?

We are continuously updating our lists of topics, locations, levels & tracks. You can check the latest lists here -> Topics , Locations, Levels and Tracks.

8) What if I miss your emails / do not want emails ?

No problem. You can always access your personalized updates from the web app. It has Rich content feed with features like bookmarking, tag based filtering and advanced search.

9) Why do you promote Diversity & Inclusion tracks ?

We have tracks for Diversity & Inclusion as we strongly believe that more conscious efforts are required in providing a level playing field to everyone in the society to avoid inequality.

10) How can I reach you ?

Thanks for asking. We welcome your feedback and ideas. You can submit your message in Contact Form. We would reach out to you as soon as possible.


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