Showcase & Grow your organization's social impact

Inspire talents to join your organization



Create your organization social impact dashboard

- Showcase your organization direct / indirect social impact with metrics.

- Add all your projects, partners and customers helping to create impact.

Get featured among inspired talents

- Select specific impact topics, locations & skill tracks.

- We feature your opportunities and updates to matching talents.

Grow your impact by supporting top NonProfits

- As an Enterprise, support top NonProfits in their growth.

- We would do the work. You get additional visibility and impact.

Funding and resources support for NonProfits

- Funding & resource needs of NonProfits are captured regularly.

- Needs are curated and connected to matching Enterprises for impact.

Unlimited career opportunities and updates

- Push all your career opportunities. We enrich them with impact metrics.

- Let talents subscribe to all your impactful career opportunities.

Impactful newsletter for your organization

- Visibility for all your impactful opportunities, updates & stories.

- We take care of curating matching content as weekly newsletter.

How it Works ?

Step 1 - Sign up as an Organization

We help Enterprises to connect their opportunities and updates to matching talents & grow their social impact by supporting top Nonprofits. It is completely free for Nonprofits.

Step 2 - Set up impact dashboard

Capture all the projects and initiatives of your organization with direct and indirect social impact (with metrics). Add all your existing impact partners and customers with details.

Step 3 - Feature Opportunities to Talents

Update all your career opportunities. We would map your opportunities (Full time Jobs, Internships, Volunteering, Projects) with impact metrics and connect to matching talents.

Step 4 - Grow impact via Nonprofits

Every Enterprise plan comes with impact credits. Choose your area of impact and location. We work with Nonprofits matching your criteria. You get extra visibility along with Nonprofits.

Step 5 - Track your impact via reports

Get monthly report about your holistic impact. We would provide all the metrics related to career opportunities connected to talents. Also track growth needs of top Nonprofits.

Step 6 - Scale up your social impact efforts

You can expand your impact by supporting more nonprofits who are working in other social impact topics and locations. We are continuously updating our list of opportunities based on feedback.

Ready to Start?