Attract talents inspired by your impact

Showcase & Grow your organization's impact



Get featured among the most inspired talents

- Opportunities reach all platforms
- Connected to only matching talents
- Matched via interests & locations

Automated Impact feed for your organization

- Get your organization impact feed
- Showcase all your wins & initiatives
- We auto update your opportunities

Grow your brand by supporting the ecosystem

- Support a topic / org in a location
- Continuous visibility via updates
- Your brand grows automatically

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How it Works ?

Step 1 - Sign up as an Organization

We help Organizations to connect their opportunities to matching talents and grow their brand impact by supporting specific Topics / Organizations (like Nonprofits) in a location.

Step 2 - Fully automated impact feed

Showcase all the metrics, opportunities and initiatives of your organization with impact. We will automatically pull all your career opportunities & updates and keep the impact feed fresh.

Step 3 - Feature Opportunities to Talents

We push all your career opportunities (Full time Jobs, Internships, Volunteering, Projects) to matching talents who have subscribed to related topics and locations.

Step 4 - Support Others to Grow - Grow your brand

Every Enterprise plan comes with credits to support as a partner to grow specific topics (like opensource projects) / organizations (like Nonprofits) in a location. We do the work. You get brand visibility.

Step 5 - Scale your impact to next level

You can expand your impact and visibility by supporting more topics (like opensource projects) / organizations (like Nonprofits) from different locations. You can offer support via any of our platforms.

Step 6 - Sit back & Relax with our reports

Get monthly report about your impact. We give metrics for your opportunities & updates connected to talents. Track the metrics of your supported topics and organizations for different locations as well.

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